2 Samuel 13
Tamar and Jesus – What God Has Done About Child Sexual Abuse


Ireen Ninonuevo is a licensed social worker who believes that God called her to be a counselor, advocate, and trainer on child sexual abuse treatment and prevention. She graduated from NYU’s School of Social Work in 2004 and is trained in traditional and cutting-edge therapy approaches to treat child sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ireen worked as a therapist, supervisor, and director in a Bronx community center’s child sexual abuse treatment and prevention program from 2005 to 2016. In 2013-3014, she was trained in the Safe Church Community program by its creator, Linda Crockett, of Samaritan Safe Church, and was a cohort of the Safe Faith Communities training project in the New York City area. Since 2005, Ireen has given prevention workshops to children and youth ages 3-21; adults in the community; and professionals in the education, medical, social work, and counseling fields. She has also provided presentations to New York City Council members from 2011 to 2016. Since 2002, she has been counseling young children, youth, adults, and families who survived this silent epidemic. She recently started her own therapy and training practice, NinoNuevo Consulting.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic discretion advised.